Don’t let the little ones feel left out on a dine-out in the garden. Let them feel like the grownups they are becoming with their own children’s garden furniture. In most of the dinner/lunch parties, kids are forced to sit among the elders on their dining tables and chairs. While that may be convenient for the elder to keep an eye on their kid, for kids it’s not. It’s rather unpleasant and boring for them to be stuck among the political rants of the elders.

Having kids’ garden furniture along with the regular patio and garden furniture will give the kids a sigh of relief. They will have a separate space for them to sit, dine and engage in their childish banter with their fellows. Planning activities for kids while you prepare the meal or engage in adults talk is also a great idea. This gives the adults some tête-à-tête time, while the kids enjoy activities like colouring, crafting, playing board games.