15 Top Ways You Can Have A Hotel Style Bedroom

Well-made beds. Elegant and effective lighting. Classically arranged furniture. Hotel rooms are like a little piece of heaven. So why not style your bedroom with hotel style themed. All you need is a simple and easy renovation. For your hotel style bedroom, this is all you need:

Hotel Style Bedroom Idea 1: Bedding

Hotel bedrooms look so modern and cosy, and the secret to that look is simple: layering. With a great set of sheets and mattress cover, a runner and a comforter, your bed will have a great look. Add some decorative and sleeping pillows to give it that extra inviting look.

Hotel Style Bedroom Idea 2: Lighting

Instead of the standard fluorescent tube lights, we recommend going for some extra stylish fixtures. Work with different types of hanging lights, table lamps, wall-mounted sconces, lampshades etc. to complement your bedroom’s interior.

Hotel Style Bedroom Idea 3: Window Treatments

Get your curtains designed instead of buying them, so that they fit your window style perfectly. You can also go for stylish curtain rods to give an extra sass to the room. Sheer curtains, when paired with blackout curtains provide an extremely enchanting look and also help regulate the natural temperature and light in the room.

Hotel Style Bedroom Idea 4: Extra Seating

Reclining chair

People often miss the additional things in a hotel room. All they focus on is the bed. Use the extra space that you have to put in some lounge chairs, a Reclining Chair or a Loveseat perfect for reading or working on a laptop.

Also, a decent hotel bedroom will never leave the space near the bed foot empty. You can use a comfy ottoman style sofa, or you can add a settee.

Hotel Style Bedroom Idea 5: Symmetry

Symmetry is a large part of hotel rooms. Coordinating end tables or specially curated storage units will give rooms an even look. Duplicate the same for that boutique-room look.

Additionally, hotel style bedroom furniture ought to be personally chosen. Things like books, electronic items and stationery are easily available.

Hotel Style Bedroom Idea 6: Feature Wall

A decent Feature Wall is the stuff classic settings are made of. Highlight the wall behind your bed with a beautiful design and recline in the magnificence of the décor. It will help the room to pop and contrast the symmetry of the room we discussed in Idea 5.

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Hotel Style Bedroom Idea 7: Rugs

hotel style bedroom

Nothing creates an impression more than a delightful rug or floor covering. It feels so great on the toes after a long sleep. Put one close to the bed or underneath the settee and see how your room changes into an inn room.

Hotel Style Bedroom Idea 8: Artwork

Beyond any doubt, the best method for inspiring your room stylistic theme is with an impressive, hand-crafted piece of artwork. It can glamorise the space and adds visual interest more at eye-level than other furniture.

Hotel Style Bedroom Idea 9: Lush Layers

A complementary divider will bring a polish to the room. Atlanta designers Cate Dunning and Lathem Gordon recommend layering a duvet and spread for a more lavish look. Using bright and vivid pillows against paler furniture can also have an explosive visual impact.

Hotel Style Bedroom Idea 10: Draperies

Spruce up beds with bed shades and decorations, recommends Susan Sully, creator of Past Present: Living with Heirlooms and Antiques. “I had this thought of putting a confined print over the draperies was extremely exquisite,” Sully says. She recommends keeping all the style in one shading tone, however, you can always experiment.