Conjure Up Inspiration with Halloween Dining Room Decor Ideas 2018

Halloween dining room decor

Halloween is just around the corner and that means pumpkins, spider webs, and spooky candles. It also brings a lot of décor opportunities with it, having scary and spooky themes reigning supreme. From porch styling to dining room décor, Halloween should be filled with spooky surprises for your guests. Spooky is the second name of Halloween and your home décor must reek of it. So, start lining the entire house with bats, ravens, cobwebs, and jack-o-lanterns before you go trick-or-treating.

Decorating a house for Halloween can be such a fun activity. Especially if you’re going to have a Halloween party at your place, you must have a theme to show how scary you can be. So, incorporate items like skulls and skeletons with your oak dining room furniture. Introduce bones and broomsticks in the living room while lining the bedroom with ghosts and goblins.

Halloween Dining Room Décor Ideas

We have compiled a list of trending Halloween themed dining rooms that will have your dining room furniture collection looking boo-tastic in no time.

Let’s dive right in to make your dining room as scary as it gets:

An Eerie White

What makes you have chills run down your spine on a Halloween night? For us it’s the colour white. Be that in those scary ghosts and ghouls standing at people’s porches, or an all-white dining room décor. While the colour white may represent peace and quiet, it is also representative of lifelessness and death. So, it’s the perfect colour to incorporate in your spooky décor. An all-white décor might be too lifeless however, so have a contrast colour, like black or red, in your dining room furniture collection.

Pair up some White PU & Black Frame Chairs with a clear glass table. Decorate the table with spooky skulls and spiders to bring the holiday spirit to life.

dining room decor

A Leather Casket

Don’t say that it’s only us who think that there’s something dark and morbid about leather? Every 80s creepy movie had the villain’s house lined with leather. Starting with leather and oak dining room furniture and leading to a leather upholstered bed. So, bring the creeps to life by having a leather-upholstered black dining set.

Go traditional with the décor or go contemporary – everything fits well with a leather dining set. If the tabletop is made with glass it only increases the creepy effect. Hang an artificial ghost from the chandelier and whoever looks down at the table will have the ghost looking back. Just be ready for a few unannounced screams.

dining room decor

A Zombie Dungeon

Halloween is coming and so might be the zombie apocalypse. Who’s to say? So, make sure to be on the good side of those zombies by executing a zombie-themed dining room décor.

For starters, you need a Black Dining Set because it sets the mood for the zombie arrival. Once the dining room furniture collection is transformed from bright and perky to dark and brooding, bring in the highlights. Decorate with bats, a painted pumpkin, black skulls, and maybe even the grim reaper.

dining room decor

A Vampire’s Lair

Where there’s Halloween, there are vampires. The blood-dripping from teeth, the eerie white faces, the dark and brooding attire – that’s enough for the spooky holiday spirit. Set up a vampire’s lair amidst your home with a Cordoba Dining Set with red chairs and a clear tabletop. Having leather upholstered chairs is much better than having oak dining room furniture in a vampire-themed dining room.

dining room furniture

A Rotten Prison

Create a rotten imagery with bones and crawling creatures like centipede and spiders on your dining table. Cover all your dining room furniture collection in black colour. This can be done with the help of sheets or paint. Place a black tablecloth on the dining table for a darker image. Use contrasting colours like white and orange in the accessories. Get painted pumpkins, wilted flowers, and some rotting bones – and you have a perfectly rotten display.

dining room decor

The Dracula’s Den

If it’s Halloween, there must be a few Dracula’s lurking around town. So, why not infuse the darkness of Dracula within your dining room décor? It’s quite possible with a dash of red accompanying your oak dining room furniture.

Marrying black, white, and red with your oak dining furniture could be a challenge. But all these colours are quite interesting to work with. Mix red and white candles with black china. The tablecloth should be in the traditional Dracula colours i.e. black and red. Bring in a few Dracula masks and get the guests’ bloodcurdling.

dining room decor

A Minimalist’s Mausoleum

If decorating your dining room furniture collection in elaborate spooky details is not your thing, then perhaps go minimalistic. Even if you have embraced minimalism in your entire home décor, it still shouldn’t stop you from decorating for Halloween. You don’t have to step out of character to do it, though.

Come up with a minimal colour palette, like black, white and gold. If the chairs are black cover the table with a white tablecloth. Paint a candelabrum or candle stands in gold paint and place some smaller sized pumpkins painted in black. If you’re feeling enthusiastic, then get a few stick-on bats or spiders and spider webs and stick them on the walls, doors, and chairs.

dining room decor

The Golden Grave

Thinking about decorating for Halloween on a budget? No worries. Just get some pumpkins, gold spray paint cans, and some plants and branches from the garden. Gold has the potential to look extremely creepy if used correctly. If you have oak dining room furniture, using gold-painted pumpkins as the centrepiece is a great idea.

You can also use jack-o-lanterns instead of pumpkins. Place candles inside them for a scarier and spookier late-night dinner.

dining room decor

A Spooky Swap

Some people just aren’t too obsessed with the colour orange. We agree somewhat, as it can be a very bold colour for some. What to do then, if we want to stick to the traditional black and orange for our dining room décor?

For starters, we can swap the tints. Use more of a black colour, and with orange just for accenting here and there. Incorporating white can be a cool trick to balance out the darkness. If you happen to have silverware, then you’re in luck. Keep a few items other than the spoons and knives, like a traditional salt shaker, to create a haunted mausoleum type of look.

dining room decor

Creepy China

Another way to spook your guests is to replace the ordinary china with a lot creepier and eerier looking china patterns. You can choose the colour, shape, and design according to your choice. However, make sure to keep it in line with the dining room furniture collection.

Get white plates with skulls printed in black on them. Or go for black china with spiders and cobwebs.

dining room decor

The Cackle and Crow Cemetery

Ravens, crows, and cackles have an association with Halloween, too. The black figurines can easily spoke anyone if stared long. Create a complete crow-themed dining area by placing artificial ravens at different places. The whole dining room décor should follow this theme.

You can place a few cages on a mantle or hang them from a window. Keep the crows inside or above them. Hanging lamps can also be a great place for the cackles to hang out. If using one symbol is too boring for you then bring in another item, like skeletons. This way you’ll have a variety to play with.

dining room decor

A Pumpkin Party

Don’t keep your entire focus on the dining table; rather involve the whole dining room furniture collection in the décor. Bring the whole pumpkin party to the dining room. This means you get to dress each and every furniture item with pumpkins. They should be on the shelves, mantles, sideboards, hutches, and dining table – of course.

If you happen to have black furniture, you’re in luck. Black colour looks quite shadowy against the pumpkin shades, from bright orange to dull yellow. Create a contrast by using white table runners, mats, and even china crockery. This will create an eerily harmonised display overall.

dining room decor

We hope that after reading this blog, you have got some inspiration for this Halloween. So, it’s almost time for you to get your dining room décor process underway. While we may have given you some ideas, it’s always satisfying to create something from your own imagination. Be as creepy and scary as you want with all the eerie ideas that you have in your head and spook your guests out.

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