Decorating A New Home with A New Zest

decorate a new home

Is it that time of your life when the bird is getting ready to leave the nest? Is it a time for new beginnings? If so, then it may be quite overwhelming for you. However, it doesn’t have to be this way. Decorating a new home is a lively and amusing task. The times of hungrily eyeing all those wooden sideboards and solid oak TV stands are now officially over. Finally, you can buy that plush velvet sofa and the oak TV unit you have had bookmarked since, well, forever. Now you can devise a plan to decorate a new home with full enthusiasm and of course, we are here to help you do just that.

Here’s a brief walk-through guide to approach your new home décor:

Define Your Style

The method of “trial and error” is a widely practised one in home décor. However, an unwritten rule of decorating a house is to adopt the similar style inside the house as the outside. For instance, for an industrial styled house, items with a traditional style will look out of place. These warm and intense wooden tones work better with neutral and earthy shades.

There are numerous designs and styles that you can follow for decorating your home. You can go from traditional to contemporary, or bohemian to eclectic. The final decision is entirely up to you and depends on what tickles your fancy.

An eclectic approach provides you with a chance to incorporate different styles and doesn’t restrict you to a single look. An old oak TV unit that you want to keep holding onto in the new home is possible with this approach. Solid oak TV stands look aesthetically pleasing with a velvet textured sofa in the TV lounge.

Go Room by Room

oak bedroomOne of the most common mistakes new decorators commit is attempting to bedeck and brighten the whole place without a moment’s delay. This isn’t the recommended approach by the pros and décor gurus. We understand the desire to fill the empty house as quickly as possible, but you should take it slow.

The ideal practice is getting all the rooms in order and then giving precedence to the one that is frequented the most. This room usually is the bedroom. Following a single theme throughout the house is a difficult task. However, you can keep a certain common element for binding the décor together in every room. For instance, one common colour can be infused easily into all rooms of the house. The pillows on your bed can accentuate the accessories placed on the wooden sideboards in the lounge or dining room.

Decide a Colour Palette

bedroom ideasThe most crucial thing to decide before decorate a new home is the colour palette you’re going to follow. Nothing ties the décor together better than a colour palette for your house. Deciding on a colour scheme for the whole house beforehand helps a lot in the décor process.

For the oak furniture lovers, a neutral palette works just fine. It doesn’t feel overwhelming against the natural oak wood colour. You could even create an accent wall behind the oak TV unit for added colour and vibrancy in the room.

Diving in the pool of bold and strong colours can be a risky task. If you do decide to take that leap, then do it right. Wooden sideboards in a darker shade of wood look extremely elegant in a darkly painted room. Painting the knobs and handles in a dull gold will transform any room into a luxurious abode. Apart from the solid oak TV stands, a bedroom with a wooden bed will appear brighter and more spacious in a neutral palette.

Have Fun with Textiles

The most interesting part of decorating has to be the beddings, fabrics, and textiles. You can have fun with fabrics when selecting pillows and curtains for your house. When selecting pillows for your living room sofa be generous. Go different with designs, fabrics, and colours. Accentuate your oak TV unit by placing a plain-woven burlap pillow on the sofa.

Curtains are another great opportunity to play with fabrics. You can select the glamourous looking velvet ones or go with the floral ones for a summery look. The design and material options are immense.

Out of all the furniture items, wooden sideboards are the most deprived in sense of getting textile treatment. There are several kinds of sideboard runners available in-stores and online. From lacy whites to velvety browns, there is a never-ending list of options available.

Decorate A New Home with Wooden Sideboards for TV

storage sideboardWhile those solid oak TV stands look as tempting as can be, you don’t necessarily have to buy them. If you have a spare wooden sideboard, it can always be used in your lounge to place the TV on.

Let’s be honest, if you decorate a new home you must have a list of things you need to buy. However, it is better to know where to save and where to splurge. So, instead of buying a new oak TV unit you can utilise the already present wooden sideboard.

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