Best Storage Beds For Small Space Bedrooms

best storage beds
Bedroom storage is one of the most daunting tasks for any home. For small space bedrooms, a quick Google search will open you up to a lot of different and unique bedroom storage ideas. So, how will you figure out which best storage beds solution you need to buy and which you’re better off doing DIY? The problem is, you don’t know. That’s okay though because we are here to assist you. We have seen a lot of people coming to us with the query of how to decorate a small space bedroom. So, we wrote this post with all the details about best storage beds, room décor hacks and space-saving tips. Best of all, it’s all without breaking the bank. The outcome: a better organised and spacious bedroom. Let’s be honest, we’re all low on space here. So, keep reading and see your bedroom’s true storage power.

What Is A Storage Bed?

Storage beds offer storage space inside them where you can store anything you need: bedding, clothes or just general knick-knacks. There are several distinctive kinds of such storage beds, based on access ad how it’s built.


In a hydraulic bed, you can raise the bed entirely and store your stuff in the vast expanse underneath. This place is best for things that don’t need to be hauled out frequently. Since the bedding lies over the cover, you will need to hold up the whole weight of the top and the sleeping cushion to open such beds.

Box Storage

Whilst this is similar to a hydraulic bed, a Box Bed opens from the side. This means the bed is held on the sides and can often hold more weight. You still need to lift it up yourself, however. Its easier to use than the previous type, but we would still recommend only storing things here that aren’t being used all the time.

With Drawers

This is the most popular sort of storage bed you can find. Here, you have to pull out drawers on the sides of the frame so that you can store things away cleanly. As such, this means you will need to have adequate space around the bed for the drawer to open in to, as well as space for you to stand in. Best Storage beds offer you the ability to store your things outside of anyone’s ability to see, whilst not keeping them out of access. They offer you an answer when you require it and furthermore a way to clear out the mess and have a tidy room to relax in.

Things To Look Out For While Buying A Best Storage Beds

best storage beds


Look at how much storage space you require. If you need a unit for putting away little things like towels, sheets, shoes and so forth, then you will require one type of unit. If, however, you also need to store away much larger items like travel bags, then you will require something with ample storage space inside, like a substantial storage bed.


Check if there are sufficient areas around the bed to open its storage room. On the off chance that it’s a Hydraulic bed, guarantee that the raising cover won’t hit any overhead lights. If you are purchasing a storage bed with drawers, ensure you have space around the bed to pull out the drawers.


Look at how the storage unit is designed in what shape and size it is especially. Does it have sufficiently large areas to store your bags, quilts, pillows and so forth? Does it have a safe, in case you need to stash something valuable? Do you need a single, huge storage unit in which you can stash everything, or are you looking for several smaller pieces to store it all?


Look at how the bottom of the capacity bed lays on the floor. Do you need the pieces to remain on wooden feet? Do you need the whole bed to put on the floor? Are you looking to put the bed on a rug, and how will that affect the décor? Storage is important but it also needs to fit well in your room. Here are our recommendations for the top best storage beds for small space rooms:

Arden Black High Gloss Best Storage Bed 

best storage bed If you have an excellent home with contemporary design, you should pick an option that is other than great wooden furniture. The Arden Black High Gloss Storage Bed Double is vogue, and the Arden Black is stockpiling these best storage beds. The way that it tactfully gives storage adds to its esteem. Its texture secured body has many extravagant elements, including on the headboard. Amongst the storage beds on the market, this is a standout contender.

Captains Unit Storage Only

best storage bed There are a few unique choices with regards to storage beds. One is to have an independent storage bed unit like Captain Unit Storage Only. This is a framework which includes a work area and a capacity unit at the base and a bed. It’s an incredibly cool alternative for kids who require a work area to get their work done on, storage racks and drawers for all their school supplies and a comfortable bed. All of these things may normally struggle to fit into one room, but no more!

Elevated Beds

The primary issue with beds is that they take up valuable floor space regularly. Space that you could utilise for something unique if just the bed weren’t in the way. Frameworks, for example, Let us tackle this issue by hoisting the couch on a stage and enabling you to utilise the zone underneath for storage.

Convertible Sofa-Bunk Bed

best storage beds Everybody knows that there are couches which can be changed to fill in as beds. However, did you also know that there’s likewise a couch which you can transform into a cot? It’s called Doc. It’s a cool and modern piece with an extremely basic and easy to understand change. It has a step-ladder and safety bar framework incorporated with its structure. When used in the bed form, the step ladder stands vertically and serves as a help into bed. As a rule, Doc. is quite conservative, charming and a la mode.

A Trundle Bed

A trundle bed or truckle bed is fundamentally a general bed on wheels which can be put away under a bigger bed. This can be a great idea if you have guests over often, as creating a spare room can take up an incredible amount of space. This is a great, space-friendly, and cost-effective way of hosting guests as-and-when needed. Readmore: Budget Bedroom Ideas That Are Smart And Oh-So Simple

A Loft Bed

best storage beds There are a few unique alternatives with regards to hanging beds. One is to have a detached space bed furniture unit like Elliott System. This is a framework which includes a work area and a capacity unit at the base and a bed above. It’s an incredibly cool choice for kids who require a work area to get their work done on. The unit includes storage racks, shelves and drawers for all their school supplies as well as a comfortable bed to relax in during the evening. Again, usually, this would take up most of the room, but not with an Elliott System bed.

Underfloor bed

Beds that roll out from underneath larger beds are cool and all, but have you heard of beds that slide under the floor itself? The idea is simple: create a stage in the room and store a bed on wheels inside it. This will open up the room and turn it into a great study space for the day, before turning again to a bed in the evening.


We have chosen the best storage beds from a considerable selection available. Though every one of these choices may have different budgets required, we think everyone should see everything on offer. Have a look at what options we have suggested, then do your own research and see how you can make it fir your budget.